5 new Google Workspace features for even better collaboration

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Collaboration used to involve teams huddling around a conference table. Now it means connecting to your colleagues through documents, presentations, spreadsheets, chat messages, and remote meetings. 

Businesses of every size and industry have come to depend on Google Workspace as their go-to suite of productivity and collaboration tools. Recently, we’ve been thrilled to see Workspace undergo a major glow-up, with tools becoming even more integrated with each other, facilitating even more ease of use. 

Whether you’re new to Workspace or have been relying on it for years, now is an excellent time to take a look at new features designed to empower today’s mobile and hybrid workforce. Here are some of our favorites. 

Meet me in Workspace

This is huge. Google has further integrated their popular conferencing app Meet with Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The days of juggling multiple conferencing solutions and eating up time figuring out how to share your screen are effectively over. Now you can quickly start a meeting, bring it to your document, spreadsheet, or presentation, and share it with everyone. Collaboration in real-time just got a lot easier.

Apps accessible via Gmail

Now Google apps are integrated into the main Gmail menu. This allows you to view specific app menus in the collapsible panel, get notifications of new Chat and Space messages with notification bubbles, and preview what’s going on in each app by pointing to its icon. The Gmail you know and love is now even easier to use with the productivity apps you rely on.

Booking page in Google Calendar

Finding a time to meet that works for everyone doesn’t have to involve endless back-and-forth. Now you can generate a booking page to send to invitees. As the meeting organizer, just select the possible meeting times, and your invitees can select the times that work best for them. 

Docs is where it’s “@”

Inserting content into Google Docs just got a whole lot easier with the new “@” symbol functionality. Just type @, and you’ll see a drop-down menu of content. Need to drop a bulleted list, image, or link to an email into your document? It’s simple. This feature even includes formatting options like headers, tables, and footnotes. 

Reformat multiple selections of text

Suppose you’re working on a document with multiple headers, and you want to increase their font size. Or say you wanted to make them all bold. Previously, this meant highlighting and changing the format of each one, one at a time. Now you can hold down the Control key (Windows) or Function key (iOS), highlight multiple sections, and reformat en-masse. Easy.

What’s next? 

This is just the beginning of all the new features that make Workspace ideal for empowering collaboration in today’s hybrid work environment–interested in learning more? Be sure to check out our recent Workspace Glow Up session, featuring expert tips on how you can take advantage of these new features. 

And if you’re looking to transform your whole business with a move to Google Workspace, take a look at SADA’s POWERON Google Workspace Foundation, a new service offering that provides expert, customized assessment of your unique business needs and step-by-step guidance on how to migrate to this powerful suite of productivity and collaboration tools


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