6 ways LumApps and Google Workspace enable healthcare workforces to amplify impact

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates workplace digital transformations, corporate intranets are seeing renewed focus as companies seek solutions to connect their remote employees with those still working on-prem. 

Organizations are not looking to implement the static, no-frills document portals of yesteryear. They’re turning to modern internal knowledge platforms that empower everyone in an organization to efficiently communicate, collaborate, and share information. Perhaps nowhere are these needs more acute than in the healthcare industry, where open communication and collaboration are fundamental to providing the best patient care possible.

LumApps, the only intranet app on the Google Workspace Marketplace that is recommended by Google, is a multifaceted digital workplace platform that fully integrates with Google Workspace. A singular platform that acts as both an enterprise portal for top-down corporate communications and a peer-to-peer internal social network, LumApps connects disparate communication channels and brings front-line clinicians, specialists, and administrative staff together on a fully collaborative intranet. Because LumApps is built on Google Cloud, organizations can be assured that it meets the highest standards of cybersecurity and compliance.

As a trusted Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA understands the complexities of the healthcare industry and has a track record of helping customers harness the power of Google Cloud to solve their biggest challenges. We’ve helped numerous organizations integrate LumApps with Google Workspace to enhance their internal communication and engage their teams. Here are just a few of the ways that LumApps is helping our healthcare clients optimize their operations while empowering their workforces to provide the best patient care possible:

1. Provide employees with a centralized work portal

Healthcare workplaces are hectic. LumApps makes things easier for employees by centralizing all of the digital resources they need to do their jobs. By accessing one portal, employees can complete onboarding, check their calendars, and access documents and company resources like employee directories and targeted organizational news and announcements. Employees and employers alike can personalize LumApps portals to display the most relevant folders and apps to maximize productivity.

2. Enable employees to find what they need fast

Knowledge workers spend about 30% of their workday searching for information they need to do their jobs, and an additional three hours weekly recreating content that already exists but that they could not locate. In other industries, this wastes time and money; in healthcare, it also potentially jeopardizes patient care. LumApps Global Search fully integrates with Google Cloud Search so that employees can quickly access information and locate colleagues when they need a consult or other assistance.

3. Keep all of your workers connected

Just like Google Workspace, LumApps is fully responsive and can be accessed from any device, running any operating system, so remote workers and front-line care providers can stay connected, collaborate, and access information just as easily as on-prem administrative staff. So that employees never miss a critical update, organizations can create banner messages or alerts on their intranet homepage and push a notification through the LumApps mobile app.

4. Promote employee satisfaction and enhance patient care

LumApps isn’t just a corporate intranet; it’s also a full-on corporate social media platform that encourages communication and knowledge-sharing. Employees can create personal profiles, follow co-workers and topics of interest, join communities, share and discuss content, and engage with colleagues throughout the organization. In addition to promoting employee satisfaction and increasing retention, LumApps’ social elements enhance patient care by enabling employees to easily discuss cases and share best practices.

5. Improve crisis communications

During a crisis like COVID-19, unfounded rumors can quickly take root, making it critical for healthcare organizations to deliver timely, accurate information to employees. LumApps enables healthcare organizations to establish a single source of truth that employees know they can rely on, with top-down, bottom-up, transversal, targeted, and one-to-one corporate communications that promote solid connections between administrative staff, front-line providers, and organizational leaders. 

LumApps also enables better knowledge sharing between employees — critical during major crises like COVID-19 where uncertainty is high and circumstances on the ground are constantly shifting. Real-time physician communications across a provider’s entire network (i.e. data around patient outcomes or the latest medical research) and tight coordination of care are made easy with LumApps.

6. Get the most out of your Google Workspace deployment

By connecting and engaging employees and allowing them to access all of their Google Workspace apps directly from the LumApps portal, LumApps promotes Google Workspace adoption throughout the organization and encourages employees to make the most of its collaborative features. With LumApps, your Google Workspace deployment isn’t just a fantastic collaborative solution; it’s a true social experience for your employees.


Learn more about mobilizing LumApps with SADA

Learn more about powering your communication and collaboration strategy with SADA and LumApps to experience the benefits of a better-connected workforce, a smarter knowledge platform, and a modern communication solution.

Learn more about mobilizing LumApps with SADA

Learn more about powering your communication and collaboration strategy with SADA and LumApps to experience the benefits of a better-connected workforce, a smarter knowledge platform, and a modern communication solution.


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