Gartner® research note: 6 ways to overcome gaps in cloud technical skills

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

You understand that the cloud represents incredible growth potential for your business. But making sure your teams are equipped with the knowledge they need to successfully make that transition is another matter. 

In this complimentary report, Gartner Research has identified six approaches to overcoming gaps in technical skills when embracing a cloud strategy. 

According to Gartner research, “through 2022, more than 50% of infrastructure and operations organizations will fail to meet company cloud adoption goals due to a lack of in-house skills and experience.”1 To maximize the full potential of public cloud infrastructure and platform services, organizations need to quickly overcome technical skills gaps

What’s the right approach to overcome these skills gaps? Should you train your existing staff? Permanently hire new employees? Bring in assistance in the form of an external service provider (ESP) or managed service provider (MSP)? Or a combination of the above? The answer depends on the particular challenge you’re trying to overcome and what stage you’re at in your cloud journey. This new report from Gartner should help you address these questions within the context of your unique business model and industry. 

To take a deep dive into these approaches and get actionable recommendations, please download the complimentary Gartner Research report

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1. Gartner, The Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services Skills I&O Teams Require for the Future, Raj Bala, Ross Winser, 8 March 2022


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