7 Cool Google G Suite Add Ons

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

While G Suite applications themselves are powerful for productivity, there are tools available to help you get even more out of them. As an award-winning Google partner, we’ve made some friends who can help you do exactly that. This post is dedicated to our partners who each offer unique ways to help you make your G Suite more robust, secure and customized.

G Suite Add On #1 – Email Encryption, Regulatory Compliance & True Email “Unsend”

Email encryption for Google AppsVirtru is a file and email encryption service which offers cost-effective, end-to-end encryption for emails. Within G Suite, data is encrypted, but once data leaves the G Suite domain, Virtru fills the gap by offering true end-to-end encryption. It also offers encryption for Drive documents, which can help organizations achieve or maintain the strict regulatory compliance objectives of HIPAA, ITAR and CJIS.

Add on features: Virtru enables you to see the entire chain of everyone who has had visibility to an email. Additionally, the person receiving an encrypted email does not have to have Virtru to open it, nor do they have to access it from a portal, and the email is still encrypted. Perhaps the most exciting functionality offered by Virtru is that it enables you to recall an email and actually pull it out of inboxes. This does not have to be done in 30 seconds, as Gmail offers.

G Suite Add On #2 – WebEx and GoToMeeting Replacement

Conferencing add-on for Google AppsFor those requiring enterprise-grade conferencing, UberConference allows up to 100 users per conference, and offers the ability to auto-dial conference attendees at their desks, saving them the trouble of needing to dial in when the conference begins. Joining an UberConference is simple and requires no login or PIN. Considering it comes in around $10/month, it’s also a highly cost-effective alternative to WebEx and others.

Add on features: UberConference provides unlimited free conference calls and supports a visual interface so users can see who’s on the call and who’s talking. Additionally, UberConference allows users to share Evernote and Box documents and automatically save call summaries to Evernote notebooks.

G Suite Add On #3 – Enterprise File Management: Set up Drive like a File Server

Enterprise file management in google appsAO Docs let you set your Drive up like a file server, allowing you to establish a standard directory structure for all users, in a view that is visible to everyone. It can have nested folders, enhanced security to enable regulatory compliance, and you can enable permissions and sharing via Groups or organizational unit (OU). Plus, you can automate workflows—like creating a built-in approvals process for document editing.

Add on features: AO Docs allows you to make your confidential files more secure by preventing re-sharing of files. Additionally, AO Docs works with Microsoft to allow you to open and edit Office files in your Google Drive. Also, AO Docs has a migration connector with Sharepoint allowing you to easily import content into AO Docs.

G Suite Add On #4 – Enhance Security and Simplify User Provisioning

security enhancements for google appsBetterCloud enhances security and provisioning (onboarding and offboarding), and enables regulatory compliance like HIPAA, FINRA, CJIS and ITAR, among others. It can also increase increase security in Google Apps with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Google Drive. BetterCloud provides robust insights by allowing you to scan your Google Drive and identify any document which contains PII, PHI, or custom expressions like Part Numbers. With its built-in security rules, you can find all Drive documents containing sensitive information in a single dashboard for easy review. Through DLP, if someone tries to share a document that contains private information outside the domain, BetterCloud can respond by alerting admins and users to take action and a prevent sharing of private or sensitive information.

Add on features: BetterCloud helps reduce the potential for costly errors through the use of built-in best practices and workflows. You can simplify repetitive tasks and delegate them to other users as needed.

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G Suite Add On #5 – Make Your Intranet Geospatially Aware

intranet geographically aware google appsLumSites brings together enterprise content together in one location, synchronized by Google Apps. It can make your intranet geospatially aware, so different countries will see your intranet in their native language.

Add on features: LumSites makes it easy to engage with collaborators, and ask for their feedback, effectively streamlining communication. As an added bonus, here are many widgets available so you are easily able to connect all of your content independent of where it lives.

G Suite Add On #6 – Backup Your G Suite Applications in the Cloud

Google Apps backup enhancementsWhile the Google cloud is redundant and robust, if someone accidentally deletes a critical file, it may be impossible to recover. Backupify is a full backup of all your data stored in Drive, Gmail, Calendar and Contacts, acting much the way a physical backup drive works, so if you delete a file, it can be retrieved with Backupify. It also helps you meet regulatory compliance by keeping your documents for a specified amount of time. You can backup targeted key accounts or the entire domain, and you’ll have a configurable backup and retention thresholds–you can set rules to keep or remove types of data at defined intervals. Additionally, you can backup data across multiple services like SalesForce, Twitter, Facebook, and other SaaS providers in addition to Google Apps.

Add on features: With built in data encryption, Backupify is able to securely locate and access any previous versions of documents, even if they were deleted in the past. Backupify also contains advanced internal controls like user management, so you are able to control who has access. The platform supports administrative functionality to determine how long each user has access to specific documents.  

G Suite Add On #7 – Reduce IT Spend by Eliminating Duplicate and Low Use Services

cloud migration google appsSoftWatch analyzes usage of your key services including Box, Dropbox, Webex, and more, giving you graphical data about user adoption. If a certain group’s usage is low, you can consider dropping their seats to use those applications. Alternately, if employees would get more value out of using the proper apps, this data can help guide internal training initiatives. A lightweight client on each computer provides insight to user habits across your organization. This can help you eliminate hidden costs by reducing subscriptions to services which aren’t being used, or enable a data-driven approach to increase user adoption of your most important tools, like Google Apps. Additionally, SoftWatch user data is exportable for analysis in your favorite analytics tool.

Add on features: Via user tracking and analytics, SoftWatch concluded that the majority of people don’t use all the features included in cloud platform packages. SoftWatch’s technology allows customers to spend their money on the apps that they use the most. This particular add on is essential to controlling costs and facilitating long-term user adoption.

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