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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Ground School, SADA’s premier, industry-spanning, future-forecasting, solutions-driven cloud transformation extravaganza, is almost here, March 22, 9 am PT. Register today and buckle up for insightful presentations, illuminating panels, and keynotes sure to inspire. 

Preparing for Ground School is much like walking through the gates of a theme park–you’ll want to figure out your must-attend sessions, then survey the full slate of offerings to see what piques your curiosity. To help spread the word about this must-attend event, we’ve launched a contest for a $500 flight voucher for registrants who share our pinned post on LinkedIn

Roles and tracks

Ground School is conveniently organized around three tracks geared toward roles, level of technical expertise, and areas of focus: 

  • Business Leaders–Visionary sessions that provide context, survey the competitive landscape, and offer industry-specific stories and case studies. Here’s where to soak up worst-case scenarios and best practices applicable for organizations of any size. 
  • Partner Solutions–It’s all about the ecosystem. Meet the collaborators you’ve always been looking for and learn how their innovations are transforming markets.
  • Technical Leaders–Get deep into the weeds with engineers and experts who have wrestled with code and lived to tell the tale. The world’s greatest concentration of technical talent versed on Google Cloud will be gathered here. 

Check out this year’s agenda

Here’s just a sampling of the sessions that are sure to spark discussion a few short days from now. We’ve assembled a by no means comprehensive list of seven sessions we’re looking forward to. 

1. Keynote: Hitting the high notes as you scale the cloud

SADA CTO Miles Ward and Forrest Brazeal, Head of Developer Media at Google Cloud, will discuss how to harmonize cloud services and technology for better business outcomes. They’ll discuss the reasons why people are trying to learn about Google Cloud and how to help customers connect with the most valuable insights to inform their decisions. 

2. Economics of cloud connectivity: the costs associated with data movement

With the increasing adoption of public cloud services, organizations are facing challenges in managing and optimizing their cloud connectivity costs, particularly the egress costs associated with data transfers from the cloud to external networks. Chris Muro of PacketFabric will share insights on the current state of public cloud connectivity, the costs associated, and the factors that influence them.

3. What cloud posture management means for your organization

When it comes to cloud security, cloud environment misconfigurations are a leading attack vector. In this session hosted by SADA Director, Security GTM Solutions Rocky Giglio, you’ll learn about Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and the tools SADA uses to ensure that customer cloud environments are protected and continuously monitored for misconfigurations before they can be exploited.

4. Carbon emissions and cloud implementations: how to measure your impact

As organizations look to do what they can to address the climate crisis, gaining an understanding of emissions is an important starting point. Google Cloud has tools that help measure the scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions caused by your cloud consumption so that you can plan on reducing it. Join SADA Associate CTO Brian Suk for a demonstration and an exploration of Google Cloud’s capabilities in this area.

5. GKE & Anthos: taking governance and compliance to the next level

From large, digital-native powerhouses to mid sized manufacturing firms, companies are creating and deploying more software than ever before. Join Google Cloud Product Manager Poonam Lamba and explore how you can get started with a secure posture for GKE and Anthos deployments in minutes. 

6. Unlocking the potential of Google Workspace

This session led by SADA Manager, Solution Architecture, Chris Botello will provide an overview of SADA’s Google Workspace deployment and ongoing service offerings, and include highlights of services from SADA’s partner ecosystem, including AODocs, LumApps, Out of Office, and AppSheet

7. Optimizing applications with SADA and Google Cloud observability

In this discussion led by SADA Associate CTO Peter-Mark Verwoerd and Cloud Engineer Travis DePuy you’ll get an overview of observability on Google Cloud, including how SADA implements best practices and tools for monitoring, logging, and tracing applications.

And that’s just the beginning. It’s not too late to register for free for SADA Ground School 2023, and be sure to spread the word. See you there!


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