Announcing POWERPLAN Google Workspace Security Assessment

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Cloud security has never been more important for distributed teams. Security policies, standards, and technical challenges continue to evolve over time, putting increasing pressure on organizations to update their security posture. With security modernization a top priority, SADA is excited to announce our POWERPLAN Google Workspace Security Assessment.

With this new addition to SADA’s POWER line of service products, a dedicated team evaluates your current Google Workspace configurations and platform controls, leads in-depth labs on security topics, and provides detailed recommendations to ensure you’re ready for tomorrow’s risk environment. 

The program consists of three milestones over a 6-week engagement:

  • Milestone 1 – Discovery: Understanding your current configuration settings and identifying project scope
  • Milestone 2 – Security labs: Six deep-dive sessions address high-priority security topics
  • Milestone 3 – Project handoff: Presentation of findings with detailed documentation designed to future-proof your security posture

The POWERPLAN Google Workspace Security Assessment is a comprehensive examination of your security posture, providing a deep-dive analysis in six key areas: 

  • DNS and mail settings: Prevent spoofing, phishing, and spam
  • Share policies: Deep focus on internal and external sharing policies of Drive, Sites, and Calendar
  • Group management: Identify and document use cases for groups, workflows, provisioning, and settings
  • Ongoing administration: Analyze access privileges, retention policies, internal audits, and security training
  • Identity and authentication controls: Review and document workflows for user onboarding, termination, and authentication requirements
  • Endpoint management: Identify usage and policies in place for managing devices that access Google Workspace accounts 

At the end of the six-week engagement, your organization’s security posture will be aligned with industry-leading practices and the latest customer intelligence. 

Contact us for a custom assessment of your Workspace security in just 6 weeks!


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