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We need the freedom to work wherever life takes us – at the office, at home or on the go. Google Drive for Work gives users the ability to do just that! With easy accessibility to all files and folders on any device, along with automatic backups and unlimited data storage, you’re no longer pinned to your desk or laptop. Google Drive for Work is a powerful enterprise tool that enables users to stay mobile and keep important projects moving forward.

Google Drive for Work Unlimited Cloud Storage

 Unlimited…Anytime, Anywhere

Google has made editing and creating Drive files on-the-go easy with their recently released mobile apps. New, updated mobile apps for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides take flexibility a step further by enabling the user to quickly find, edit, and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your mobile device.  Even better, offline support for these apps is supported, so that even the lack of an Internet connection can’t stop you from keeping your project moving forward.

Google has also made it possible to edit common file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint through Google Drive from your mobile app or browser without purchasing or installing the corresponding software. This means that you can edit a PowerPoint slide or Word document whether you’re in the office or on a plane using Office Compatibility Mode, which allows seamless editing of those common file types in their native format. No more sending attachments or spending time stitching together multiple versions of files. Unlimited storage lets you keep and share everything, and even upload very large files, up to 5 TB.

Drive for Work also comes equipped with Hangouts, a powerful video conferencing tool that allows face-to-face contact anytime, anywhere.

Auditing: A Snapshot of Your Business

No matter where you or your collaborators are getting their work done, Google has the auditing features to get a snapshot of work activity and manage everything that’s going on…all from one console. Drive for Work also has security measures in place to protect you from mistakes that could hinder your project. Google Drive for Work’s admin console allows administrators to manage users and devices by setting sharing permissions and giving them visibility into how files are shared. Admins can view the team’s activity such as uploading, downloading, renaming, or editing files, and also set up alerts for questionable events such as a file being shared outside of the group. Version control allows users to go back and see when changes were made and who made them, and restore a previous version to correct errors or accidents. Among dozens of other critical security features, Google encrypts your data as it is in transit from your laptop or mobile device to Google’s data centers and also when it is stored on your device.

Learn more at Google Drive for Work or email [email protected].

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