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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

When you start to make use of cloud computing solutions, you can take advantage of powerful apps available from leading cloud services providers. Google Apps offers an array of powerful apps that can be used to extend and maximize your cloud computing experience. For Google Apps users here are some of the top Google Apps.

    1. Google Scribe – This service shows auto-complete suggestions as you type. This has the potential to become as popular as Google Suggest or Google Translate once it is integrated with other services.
    2. Voice actions for Android – This app lets your control your Android device entirely through voice commands. You can call your contacts, send emails, get directions and listen to music completely through voice commands.
    3. Gmail – Google has updated their mail system with many new business-related features such as Priority Inbox, email delegation, and the contact manager. There are new and more innovative ways to attach files and now users can include rich text formats in their signatures.
    4. Blogger – Google updated Blogger with a number of new features. You now have comment management, spam filtering, dynamic templates, a new post editor, preview, real time stats, and much more.
    5. Google Docs – Google is continuously updating Google Docs to make it faster with a quicker response time, and adding new features such as a collaborative drawing editor, a new equation editor, mobile editing, and support for file formats of any kind.
    6. Google Maps – The new maps app has vector based maps for Android and includes Google Latitude for iPhones. It comes with local business recommendations, biking directions, and walking navigation.
    7. Chrome – The new version of Chrome has been released with support for Mac and Linux. It has a simplified interface with faster browsing and bundled sandbox plug-ins for Flash and PDF files. Chrome users can access the Google Web Store to install widgets and apps directly into the browser.
    8. Google Search – Google Search underwent its own major overhaul this year, adding exciting new features such as Google Instant, instant previews, and the new image search.
    9. Android – This is arguably the most well known product released by Google. The Android operating system has been adopted by developers to run on numerous mobile devices including phones and tablets.

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