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As Email continues to be one of the most inherently valuable repositories of information, it is crucial that businesses are able to retain, manage, secure and search their email archives. The ideal solution is to meet retention requirements while providing ease of access to the archived data. Archive Magic for Postini (AMP) helps companies to efficiently address this by bulk uploading on-premise archive message data to Google Message Discovery powered by Postini to ensure that all email and attachments are housed in one secure, centralized, searchable repository.

How it works

Google refers to the process of moving legacy message archives into Google Message Discovery powered by Postini as Historic Message Journaling (or HMJ). AMP consists of a message delivery client and professional support services that enable easy migration of email data from different email archives to the Postini archive. AMP facilitates the migration without losing or compromising important message data.

Why IT admins love it

This email migration tool greatly reduces IT infrastructure costs and resources needed to maintain multiple email archives over the years. Its a common pain point for companies that have recently migrated to Google Apps and/or Positini as there is no native solution to migrate legacy emails messages to Postini. IT admins will find relief in having to manage just one highly secure email archive.

Why the company will love it

Having all message data imported into Postini ensures a standardized email retention policy across all email archive data. AMP is designed to help streamline IT processes and give the organization greater control over historical data without compromising data or disrupting existing business practices.


    • De-duplication process keeps message archive clean and accessible
    • Historical data imported by date of message, NOT date of import
    • Optionally connect end-users to their very own personal historical data archive

Scenarios that AMP will be exceptionally handy for:

    • Lawsuits
    • Regulatory inquiry
    • Audits
    • Archive merges (following a re-location or corporate acquisition)
    • Data exports of terminated or past employees

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