AuthMagic for Google Apps – Password Sync Solution Now Available

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

AuthMagic for Google Apps - Password Sync Solution Now Available
IT professionals rejoice! A solution to that pesky password sync issue is at your fingertips.
Password synchronization between the on-premise and cloud servers for one user takes approximately 4 minutes. Now imagine that its the end of the quarter and the organization you oversee is going through its password rotation policy again. Dreading the sync time for 500+ accounts? Fugetaboutit!
Authentication Magic for Google Apps can result in an up to 80% time reduction meaning that you will save time, money and resources. At an attractive base price of $2995, we offer one of the most powerful, secure and easy to use app on the market. Alleviate the strains of:

    • Automated password rotation policy
    • Environment changes
    • Active directory changes on premise
    • Improving password strength
    • Lengthy password lock-outs/resets
    • Fickle and forgetful employees
    • Stealthy password-stealing ninjas

We have yet to encounter instances of the last bullet point, but we are confident in our solution’s level of awesome.

Interested in saving time and money for your org? Please contact us at [email protected]. Thank you!
Your friendly neighborhood IT superheroes,
SADA Systems


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