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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

App Maker LogoEnterprise technology is evolving to a point where solutions no longer require months to deliver. Rather, specific business issues and processes can be addressed with the rapid development of new applications with tools like Google App Maker.

It is enabling the non-developer to use knowledge that’s relevant to her job to create solutions that will impact how work is accomplished. It’s already leading to major brands realizing huge advances in efficiency and it’s changing the nature of how technology and business become more integrated.

It wasn’t that long ago that IT operated as a critical, yet somewhat separate unit within an enterprise. Quite often, it was IT that dictated what technology solutions would be deployed and how they would be used. The thinking was that software was technology, and the people in the technology group were the only ones capable of manipulating software. Gradually, some measure of role blending started to happen; business people who knew what they wanted wrote requirements documents and suggested behavioral changes that they felt could increase adoption and usability (since they WERE the users).

But something really important has happened over the past few years. Spurred on by Google’s relentless devotion to the user, tools like App Maker have been launched to bridge the gap between concept and solution. This means that non-developers can use their expertise to identify the types of applications that will address the pain points they experience regularly.

Our customers are working with us to integrate existing applications and data repositories with new applications that solve specific business issues. We have seen a variety of applications that are unique both to industries and to various types of internal challenges. Driven by the needs of the business user and not by IT, SADA is helping these organizations develop, deliver, and manage their application environment with dramatically more efficiency and purpose. And while App Maker is a very user-friendly tool, SADA Systems has a great team of engineers that came help first-time users determine what workflows can be automated and assist in the app development process.

To kick things off, here is a quick demo of the powerful new App Maker tool.

Nicky Parseghian
Practice Director – G Suite / Cloud Search / Workplace

Nicky Parseghian


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