CIO playbook: Step up your game for hybrid work security

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Are your hybrid teams secure?

As your organization continues to develop flexible working models, you face evolving security threats–making it more important than ever to apply the right tools to protect users, devices, and data. Teams working in different locations must be empowered to quickly and securely collaborate while maximizing productivity.

Google Workspace is a natural fit for hybrid work, designed to help teams work together securely from anywhere. SADA’s dedicated Google Workspace implementation experts are adept at designing custom security solutions for organizations of any size. And when you migrate from other productivity and collaboration solutions to Google Workspace, SADA ensures that security will always be central to your migration strategy.

Download the CIO playbook, Secure by design: Step up your game for hybrid work security, to learn:

  • How to evaluate pain points, opportunities, and objectives
  • What infrastructure to modernize and migrate to the cloud, and what to continue operating on premises
  • How to build a cloud-first work infrastructure
  • How Google Workspace can help you keep your teams and data safe, with the same secure-by-design approach that safeguards Google’s own infrastructure and services


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