Enterprise Search Gets An Update: Google Search Appliance 7.2

SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


As recently announced on the Google Enterprise blog, Google Search Appliance (GSA) gains new capabilities to make searching through all your enterprise content (regardless of location or format) even easier than before, so your teams can focus on driving business results.

We’ll summarize these updates below:

  • Simplified entity management
    GSA 7.2 gives your organization the ability to test and modify entities (attributes like date and author, pulled from unstructured content) before indexing, so that you can choose and apply the entities that are the best fit for your organization’s needs.

  • More universal search
    GSA 7.2 offers a more scalable, flexible connector framework that helps organizations using GSA to develop and improve custom connectors more easily, so GSA can become an increasingly universal information hub.

  • Wildcard search
    With GSA 7.2, users also benefit from non-exact queries, so there’s no need to memorize complicated or exact terms to find what you need.

  • Additional refinements
    GSA 7.2 has a redesigned admin console, improved language support and advanced sorting.


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