Enterprise Transformation in 4 stages with Google Workspace

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

It’s a thrilling and sometimes perplexing time for organizations that rely on the cloud. Generative AI and hyper-automation are super-charging employee productivity, creating new efficiencies and driving down costs. More than ever, businesses need cross-application integrations and workflows that allow teams to access data and applications securely and seamlessly. That’s where SADA’s Enterprise Transformation solution comes in.

We’ve found there’s no better place to start your Enterprise Transformation journey than with a solid Google Workspace foundation. This popular suite of productivity applications–including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Sheets, and Slides, to name just a few–can be easily customized to your specific business needs and regulatory environment. 

For a comprehensive perspective on how Google Workspace can transform your business, be sure to download our ebook, 7 steps to Enterprise Transformation with Google Workspace. This resource provides tips on change management while laying out the distinct features and advantages of implementing Workspace for businesses in any industry. 

Enterprise Transformation starts now

To take advantage of the trusted features and powerful new AI-driven capabilities of Workspace, you’ll want minimum disruption to your daily operations. Your dedicated SADA team tackles the complexity of migrations and extends the value of Workspace with custom solutions, third-party applications, and post-deployment support. Your desired business outcomes are always central to the conversation.

A successful Enterprise Transformation undertaking generally proceeds through four steps. 

Stage 1: Planning and analysis

Enterprise Transformation services include in-depth analysis, readiness, and planning, ensuring that your Workspace strategy aligns with your priorities. You likely have industry-specific compliance and regulatory requirements that must be considered from the very beginning. Your dedicated SADA team comes with wide and deep experience managing migrations across every industry with a presence in the cloud and will provide ample guidance on avoiding pitfalls and following best practices as you proceed

Stage 2: Migration, deployment, delivery, and custom solutions

Since your business is unique, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it. A robust strategy should include services to address your specific needs such as sentiment analysis, business continuity, working safer, Teams and task management, and third-party application integrations. Your SADA Enterprise Transformation team is well-positioned to introduce you to new applications like Appsheet, designed to empower your teams while developers build and extend applications without coding. Industry-leading SADA security services include zero trust, identity and access management, cloud security platform management, and other practices designed to confront tomorrow’s evolving cyber threats.

Stage 3: Change management

Getting internal buy-in is key. Adoption and change management support, including custom training and resources, are designed to ensure maximum investment from your team. You can be confident that your key stakeholders are on board and supported throughout the entire process. 

Stage 4: Managed services for the road ahead

Post-deployment support includes troubleshooting and integrating the latest third-party solutions, all with an eye toward enabling innovation and helping your business grow and seize more opportunities. Enterprise Transformation includes managed services, with 24×7 access to support engineers, Google escalation paths, deep account planning, and business reviews. With SADA’s Enterprise Transformation services, you can empower your workplace with next-generation tools that encourage collaboration and give your teams what they need to achieve their most ambitious goals.

Now is an excellent time to take the next step to transform your business with a comprehensive, guided productivity and collaboration strategy. Contact us today to start the conversation about how SADA Enterprise Transformation services can help you achieve your most ambitious business goals. 

And to dive deeper, be sure to download our ebook, 7 steps to Enterprise Transformation with Google Workspace now.


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