Forrester Research Inc. Shares the Love – It MUST be Valentine's

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

We are touched.

Forrester, in their January 5th 2010 issue, did a few pages on SasS but more specifically the several types of system integrators offering skills in SaaS from small specialists, to offshore Firms and MNCs.
How does this pertain to SADA?
Under the subheading “SaaS Specialist firms” Forrester discusses Google, and “its increasingly popular Google Apps (previous Google Apps) offering, has attracted the attention of specialists like…SADA Systems.”
Here @SADASystems we are thrilled that Forrester, a top Forbes 200 -Fastest Growing Company for five consecutive years, noticed our hard work and pursuit of perfection and client satisfaction. We greatly appreciated the mention as a Google Apps Specialist and felt the love.
As a privately held information technology consulting, outsourcing, and development firm approaching our 10th birthday, we are grateful to have started out as a Google Partner for Google’s search technology and proud to be one of the world’s first 10 Google Partners for Apps.
We only strive to give Forrester more to write about.
Love is always a two way street,
Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend.


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