Four Trends that Fuel the Web Application Movement

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

In a recent article for CIO, Rishi Chandra, product manager of Google Enterprise, spoke on the adoption of web-based applications. Speaking for the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, yesterday, Chandra indicated that four key trends will be responsible for the trend of rapid adoption of web-based applications by consumers and businesses alike. Chandra feels the following four trends are key to the success of computing in the cloud:

  1. Consumer Innovation Setting the Pace
  1. Rise of the Power Collaborator
  1. New Economics of Scale for IT
  1. Barriers to Adoption Are Falling

Basically, all of these trends indicate that focus has switched from trying to capture the business and enterprise market, to trying to capture the consumer market. As Chandra put it, “People can go from Google search to Yahoo search in one click.” It is due in part to this that enterprise technology companies must provide the consumer with the best possible value. As a result, innovations in technology are now driven by end-user demand. Prior to the ubiquity of the Internet new technologies were driven by innovations in the workplace, and users were forced to learn new applications that were sometimes difficult to master. It was a case of experts writing for experts. This model has since turned 180 degrees, and applications are being developed to be easy to use in order to capture the broadest possible cross-section of the consumer marketplace.

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