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As of this week, students and teachers now have access to a free premium Drive offering exclusive to education! Drive for Education now includes unlimited storage, access to Google Vault, and enhanced auditing features. This powerful offering is being made available to the 30 million students and educators around the world currently using Google Apps for Education.

Google released Drive for Work earlier this year, which is a premium offering for businesses that included similar capabilities including the unlimited storage, Vault, and auditing capabilities. Now, Google is bringing those powerful tools to the classroom…for free.

Google Classroom, which was launched in August, makes it even easier for teachers and students to organize assignments, complete and collect homework, and communicate real-time throughout the course of a project.
Google is calling Google Drive for Education β€œthe 21st Century backpack for students,” and as always it remains free to all nonprofit educational institutions and contains no advertising or ad-related scanning. Google also emphasized security, affirming that every file uploaded to Google Drive is encrypted when in transit from your device to Google data centers, between data centers, and also while at rest on Google servers.
The following new features will be rolled out by the end of the year (in this order):

  • Unlimited. One of the key new features of Drive for Education is that it comes with unlimited storage. It also includes transfer support for files up to 5 TB.

  • Access to Vault. Google Vault is Google’s solution for archiving, records management, and eDiscovery in order to satisfy compliance regulations. Google Vault will be rolling for free out by the end of the year.

  • Enhanced Auditing Capabilities. Another major component of Drive for Education is the advanced reporting and auditing tools. These auditing capabilities give admins and users control and visibility over the documents and files within their network.

To learn more about Google Drive for Education offerings, contact [email protected] or visit our website. 

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