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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google knows businesses are getting busier. With employees more plugged-in than ever, sometimes technology can actually get in the way. Technological friction and organizational silos still impact productivity for countless businesses. G Suite was designed to combat these symptoms in the enterprise. It was created to help people work together to do big things. Yesterday, Google announced that Google Apps is now G Suite. G Suite still contains Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts and more, and there is more on the way from Google.
G Suite is part of Google Cloud, formerly known as Google Cloud, which encompasses all layers of business, from Google Cloud Platform, G Suite, enterprise Maps APIs, and the Android phones, tablets and Chromebooks that access the cloud. The apps in G Suite have been emboldened to work smarter at their given functions.

Gmail’s Smart Reply functionality, which offers auto-generated quick email replies from mobile devices, now accounts for 10% of all replies sent on mobile.

Quick Access in Drive on Android saves users from wrestling with storage, instead making most relevant files the most accessible.
Google Drive on Android
Google Calendar uses machine intelligence to help you easily find times when invitees are free, and suggests rooms based on your previous bookings. When a proposed meeting has a long list of invitees and no times are available, Calendar will suggest times across the group where conflicts are easiest to resolve, such as recurring 1:1 meetings.
Docs now offers better researching capabilities, allowing users to spend more time refining their content instead of hunting down resources.
Sheets previously hinged on users speaking the computer’s language to write formulas. Now, with machine intelligence allows the computer to understand natural language people use. Users can now enter a question using natural language and Explore in Google Sheets will use Natural Language Processing to translate this question into a formula and offer an instant answer.


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