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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Users of Google Apps can now upload documents created using the native Office 2007 format.

Early this week Google answered one of the most common questions about uploading documents to Google Apps. Previously, Google Docs allowed the upload of documents and spreadsheets created in versions of Word or Excel up to Office 2003, or those created using open formats such as those supported by Open Office. Office 2007, however, was not supported. On Monday Google announced on the official Google Docs blog that users may now upload their Office 2007 documents and spreadsheets to Google Docs.

Editions included:

Standard, Premier, Education, Team and Partner Editions

Languages included:

All languages supported by Google Docs

How to access what’s new:

To import a .docx or .xlsx file into Google Docs, click the ‘Upload’ button from the Google Docs List menu, select your file, and click the ‘Upload File’ button.

For more information:


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