Google Apps: Improvements to recurring events and Tasks in Google Calendar

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

You now have the ability to change locations, add attendees, and change event descriptions without having the meeting break out of the series of recurring events.Tasks in Calendar is now available in 38 languages.

Editions included:
Standard, Premier, Education, Team and Partner Editions

Languages included:
Tasks: All languages supported by Google Calendar except Hebrew/Arabic

How to access what’s new:
– In Calendar when modifying an event, when you change the time, title, description, location, or attendees of an individual meeting in a series, that meeting now remains part of the series.
– If you change the title, description, location, or attendees of a series of events, these changes will be applied to all events in the series, including those that have overridden fields. However, Calendar will intelligently keep track of what fields you override, and not change those fields e.g. if you change the location of one particular event instance in the series, then later modify the location for the entire series and give it a new title, the one particular event will be updated with the new title but the location will remain at what you had overridden.
– Changing the time or frequency of any series still resets all information in the series, even those that have been manually overridden.
– If you make any changes to a series and apply to “All Following”, it will reset all information in all future meetings, and the future meetings will be become a new distinct series. This will override any fields that you may have manually overridden.

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