Google Apps Update: Attachments in Gmail with Drive!

SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


Organizations running off of Google Apps can save even more time with a new update to Gmail, which allows users to view attachments and save them directly to Google Drive! This change means that users don’t have to leave Gmail to download an attachment, making it even easier to continue a workflow uninterrupted. Emails with attachments now have preview images at the bottom of the email – when you click on that preview, a full-screen view of that document, spreadsheet or image shows up. From there, you can save that attachment directly to your Drive by clicking the Drive icon, with the ability to sort through all your folders and place it appropriately, right in Gmail. And if you happen to need to download the attachment to your computer, simply click the arrow.

How are you liking the update? Let us know! If you have any questions related to Google Apps, go ahead and send us a note.

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