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Editor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Senior Business Development Manager, Michael Higby. Listen to Michael speak on Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks in this webinar recording.

Since SADA became a Google Apps Partner many years ago, we’ve seen so many educational institutions adopt Gmail as a robust tool for collaboration and communication. Leveraging this powerful cloud based email offering has allowed many universities, colleges and schools to save money, reduce infrastructure and deliver an excellent product to their stakeholders.

At the same time, it’s important for email administrators to consider issues of discovery, retention and monitoring of email content to remain compliant with state and Federal laws.

For example, open records state laws and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) make it imperative for schools to protect themselves from intrusive eDiscovery requests by implementing a robust email archiving solution. Ask anyone who’s experienced just such requests or court-ordered legal holds without the right solution and you’ll hear about the time-exhausting impact it had on their organization. Getting the right solution is key.

Google Vault is fully integrated with Google Apps for Education. Vault includes the ability to:

  • Search your domain’s email data

  • Place user accounts (and related data) on litigation hold to preserve email data

  • Manage related searches and litigation holds under a single container, called a matter

  • Share matters among authorized users

  • Export search results in standard file formats

  • Save your search queries

  • Set email retention policies for your domain

Let’s say your institution is maintaining some type of minimal retention policy. Under FRCP, you will still need the means to respond immediately to legal hold notices. Using Google Vault is an affordable way to protect your school and meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Vault is entirely web-based – so there’s no need to install or maintain any software.

And here’s more good news – we are currently offering Google Vault at extreme EDU discounts. Pay ONLY for faculty/staff and the student accounts will be free. Additionally, licenses are discounted 80% off standard rates of $50 per user per year. For example, an organization with 1,000 faculty and 15,000 students would pay $10,000 annually ($10 x 1,000).

Some of our recent EDU clients who’ve adopted Google Vault as their archiving and compliance solution include the Greater Albany (OR) Public Schools!

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