Google Cloud Next OnAir Week 3: Infrastructure Modernization

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Week 3 of Next OnAir ‘20 focused on migrating and modernizing workloads on Google Cloud’s global, secure, and reliable infrastructure. SADA’s executives and cloud experts found the following sessions to be particularly compelling and provided some informative post-session insights and commentary that you won’t want to miss: 

Week 3 #SADASays Post-Session Recaps

Miles Ward

#SADASays With Miles Ward and Scott VanDenPlas – Post-Keynote Commentary 

Join Miles Ward, CTO, and Scott VanDenPlas, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at SADA, for their take on Accelerate Your Digital Transformation through a Modern Infrastructure from Week 3 of Next OnAir.

Mark Pevec

#SADASays With Michael Masaaud and Mark Pevec – Post-Session Commentary

Listen in as SADA’s Michael Masaaud, Manager of Infrastructure Modernization, and Mark Pevec, Sr. Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, discuss the Next OnAir session, Build an Enterprise-Grade Service Mesh With Traffic Director.

Andrew Cook

#SADASays With Andrew Cook, Technical Account Manager – Post-Session Commentary

Join Andrew Cook, Technical Account Manager at SADA, for his take on Cloud Is Complex. Managing it Shouldn’t Be from Week 3 of Next OnAir.

Opening Keynote

Brad Calder, VP of Cloud Infrastructure for Google Cloud, kicked off the week with a keynote on the many ways that Google Cloud is helping enterprises complete their digital transformation journey, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the elasticity that Google Cloud provides, businesses are able to either reduce cloud spend in times of uncertainty or scale up their usage to meet their digital growth. “The backbone of this elasticity is our network,” said Calder. “It’s the world’s largest and lowest latency network present in 24 regions, 73 zones, and 144 edge locations. It enables companies like Target, PayPal and Discovery to both migrate existing enterprise workloads quickly to GCP and build new, transformative applications.” There will be nine upcoming new regions in places like Melbourne, Delhi, and Madrid. Other benefits highlighted include:

  • A trusted and secure infrastructure that protects Google Cloud against DoS attacks
  • Data-driven insights and automation with Google Cloud’s petabyte-scaled data warehouse, BigQuery
  • A commitment to sustainability, with Google Cloud being carbon neutral since 2007

Calder invited June Yang, GM of Compute at Google Cloud, to share advances in Compute and Storage to help businesses run their mission-critical workloads. Yang touched on how digital native organizations are turning to Google Cloud’s robust set of solutions to develop better software and deliver innovative experiences. Traditional enterprises across industries are also utilizing Google Cloud to run all of their workloads as part of their digital transformation journey. Yang delved into a variety of updates targeted at migrating and running mission-critical applications on Google Cloud, including:

  •  Efficient VMs (E2): Cost-optimized, general-purpose VMs that provide lower TCO, consistent performance, and flexibility
  • N2D VMs: Offers better SAP performance at a lower cost
  • An expanded Persistent Disk product portfolio, including:
    • Balanced PD for the best price per GB
    • Performance PD, offering the best price per IOPS for performance-sensitive workloads such as databases
    • Extreme PD for the highest performance workloads such as SAP HANA

Shailesh Shukla, GM of Networking at Google Cloud, discussed the following networking and security updates: 

Calder wrapped up the keynote by sharing recent announcements related to management, including:

  • Active Assist: A portfolio of intelligent tools and capabilities to help actively assist you in managing complexity in your cloud operations
  • The general availability of Google Cloud’s OS patch management service to protect your running VMs against defects and vulnerabilities

On Tuesday, August 4th, Next OnAir will be focused on Security. Tune in to learn more about detecting, investigating, and responding to online threats to help protect your business. Also, be sure to check out SADA’s Next OnAir post-session recaps on Thursdays. Here’s what’s coming up on August 6th:

Benny Louie

#SADASays With Benny Louie and Bryan Nicholson – Post-Keynote Commentary 

Join SADA’s Benny Louie, Business Development Manager, and Bryan Nicholson, Technical Account Manager, for their take on Next OnAir’s Week 4 Keynote: A Better, Safer Normal.

Seth Moffitt

#SADASays With Seth Moffitt, Chris Hendrich and Adam Acevedo – Post-Session Commentary

Listen in as SADA’s Seth Moffitt, Solution Architect, Chris Hendrich, Sr. Consultant and Adam Acevedo, Cloud Engineer, discuss the Next OnAir session, Authentication for Anthos Clusters.

Bryan Nicholson

#SADASays With Bryan Nicholson – Post-Session Commentary 

Join Bryan Nicholson, Technical Account Manager at SADA, for his take on the Next OnAir session, Getting Started With BeyondCorp: A Deeper Look into IAP.


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