Google Cloud Next OnAir Week 4: Security

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Week 4 of Next OnAir ‘20 focused on how to leverage Google Cloud solutions to detect, investigate, and respond to online threats to help protect your business. SADA’s executives and cloud experts found the following sessions to be particularly compelling and provided some informative post-session insights and commentary that you won’t want to miss:

#SADASays With Benny Louie and Bryan Nicholson - Post-Keynote Commentary

#SADASays With Benny Louie and Bryan Nicholson - Post-Keynote Commentary 

Join SADA’s Benny Louie, Business Development Manager, and Bryan Nicholson, Technical Account Manager, for their take on Next OnAir’s Week 4 Keynote: A Better, Safer Normal.

#SADASays With Seth Moffitt, Chris Hendrich and Adam Acevedo - Post-Session Commentary

#SADASays With Seth Moffitt, Chris Hendrich and Adam Acevedo - Post-Session Commentary

Listen in as SADA’s Seth Moffitt, Solution Architect, Chris Hendrich, Sr. Consultant and Adam Acevedo, Cloud Engineer, discuss the Next OnAir session Authentication for Anthos Clusters.

Bryan Nicholson

#SADASays With Bryan Nicholson - Post-Session Commentary 

Join Bryan Nicholson, Technical Account Manager at SADA, for his take on the Next OnAir session Getting Started With BeyondCorp: A Deeper Look into IAP.

Opening Keynote

Sunil Potti, VP & GM of Security at Google Cloud, kicked off the week with a keynote on how to achieve operational security with operational simplicity. With the increase in remote work, untrusted home networks, and 10x the number of online transactions, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more complexity when it comes to security. As a result, businesses have reprioritized their security initiatives and accelerated their use of cloud-based services. To help businesses adjust to this new normal, Google Cloud offers a robust set of capabilities that simplify operations and enable compliance, trust, and security with minimal effort.

Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC), Google Cloud’s native security posture management system, prevents and detects abuse of cloud resources, centralizes security findings from GCP and partner services, and detects common misconfigurations that can lead to breaches. Google Cloud has added a variety of new capabilities to SCC Premium which can:

  • Spot threats using Google intelligence
  • Surface more misconfigurations
  • Perform automated compliance scanning and reporting

Two new products have been introduced that give businesses powerful new capabilities while keeping deployment and management simple:

  • Assured Workloads: A set of controls for customers in regulated industries that enable you to configure and deploy sensitive workloads according to security and compliance in just a few clicks.
  • Confidential VMs: Game-changing technology that offers the ability to encrypt data in use (i.e., while it’s being processed)

With the shift to remote work, more people are connecting from untrusted home networks to do their jobs. Google Cloud has developed solutions to help minimize the risks associated with this new normal. “What we’ve done at Google Cloud is to bring the power of cloud to where you are so that you can modernize security in place,” said Potti. BeyondCorp Remote Access, for example, enables your workforce to access internal web apps hosted in the cloud or on-premises through Google Cloud’s planet-scale SaaS solution. It’s based on the same zero-trust principles and insights the company has gained from implementing BeyondCorp internally and has been “battle-tested” in production by thousands of enterprise customers.

On Tuesday, August 11th, Next OnAir will be focused on Data Analytics. Tune in to learn more about generating instant insights from data at any scale with a serverless, fully managed analytics platform that significantly simplifies analytics. Also, be sure to check out SADA’s Next OnAir post-session recaps on Thursdays. Here’s what’s coming up on August 13th:

oa chris lehman

#SADASays With Chris Lehman & Gautam Pandya - Post-Keynote Commentary

Join SADA’s Chris Lehman, Head of Engineering, and Gautam Pandya, Senior Data Engineer, as they discuss the Week 5 Next OnAir Keynote: What’s New and What’s Next in Smart Analytics.

oa gautam pandya

#SADASays With Gautam Pandya & Ankit Mukhija - Post-Session Commentary

Listen in as SADA’s Gautam Pandya, Senior Data Engineer, and Ankit Mukhija, Data Engineer, discuss Building a Petabyte Scale Reporting Pipeline on GCP from Week 5 of Next OnAir.

oa ankitmukhija

#SADASays With Ankit Mukhija and Prakash Gunasekaran - Post-Session Commentary

Listen in as Ankit Mukhija and Prakash Gunasekaran, Data Engineers at SADA, discuss What's New in BigQuery, Google Cloud's Modern Data Warehouse from Week 5 of Next OnAir.


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