Google Cloud Next OnAir Week 5: Data Analytics

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Week 5 of Next OnAir ‘20 focused on how to generate instant insights from data at any scale with a serverless, fully managed analytics platform that significantly simplifies analytics. SADA’s executives and cloud experts found the following sessions to be particularly compelling and provided some informative post-session insights and commentary that you won’t want to miss: 

Week 5 #SADASays Post-Session Recaps

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#SADASays With Chris Lehman & Gautam Pandya – Post-Keynote Commentary

Join SADA’s Chris Lehman, Head of Engineering, and Gautam Pandya, Senior Data Engineer, as they discuss the Week 5 Next OnAir Keynote: What’s New and What’s Next in Smart Analytics.

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#SADASays With Gautam Pandya & Ankit Mukhija – Post-Session Commentary

Listen in as SADA’s Gautam Pandya, Senior Data Engineer, and Ankit Mukhija, Data Engineer, discuss Building a Petabyte Scale Reporting Pipeline on GCP from Week 5 of Next OnAir.

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#SADASays With Ankit Mukhija and Prakash Gunasekaran – Post-Session Commentary

Listen in as Ankit Mukhija and Prakash Gunasekaran, Data Engineers at SADA, discuss What’s New in BigQuery, Google Cloud’s Modern Data Warehouse from Week 5 of Next OnAir.

Opening Keynote

Debanjan Saha, GM & VP, Engineering, Google Cloud, kicked off the week with a keynote on how the latest innovations in Google Cloud’s smart analytics platform can help strip out layers of complexity and analyze data seamlessly in a multi-cloud world. In the last year, Google Cloud has added a number of new services and products, including:

  • Cloud Composer, a fully managed workflow orchestration service built on Apache Airflow
  • Cloud Data Fusion for fully managed, cloud-native data integration at any scale
  • Data Catalog, a fully managed and highly scalable data discovery and metadata management service
  • Looker, an enterprise platform for business intelligence (BI), data applications, and embedded analytics

After a brief overview of Google Cloud’s smart analytics tools, Saha discussed how to use the tools and the data to quickly drive business outcomes. Google Cloud is codifying common use cases in various industries into solution blueprints to accelerate time to insights and time to value. Businesses can begin their journey with the blueprints and build custom applications and solutions in a matter of days. Here are just a few examples of these industry solutions: 

  • Retail
    • Customer 360
    • Inventory Optimization
    • Personalized Experiences
  • Healthcare
    • Personalized Medicine
    • Rx Abuse Mitigation
    • Real-Time Patient Monitoring
  • Media, Gaming, & Entertainment
    • Personalized Recommendations
    • Audience-Segmented Marketing
    • Churn Analysis and Prevention 
  • Manufacturing
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Manufacturing Visual Inspection
    • Telematics for Automotive 

Modern Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

Saha delved into Google Cloud’s strategy moving forward and the company’s vision to offer an open, intelligent, and flexible enterprise-class analytics platform with proven dependability for the most demanding mission-critical workloads. Businesses are seeking an open platform that gives them portability and familiarity with less risk. Since over 80% of public cloud users work with more than one cloud service provider, Google Cloud is meeting customer needs with its commitment to hybrid and multi-cloud. “I’m really excited to have Looker join our family. It is truly a hybrid and multi-cloud business intelligence platform that runs on Google, AWS, Azure, and also on-premises,” said Saha. “Looker helps you create semantic models and data API on all your data across clouds and on-prem.”

Other new and upcoming data analytics solutions include: 

  • BigQuery Omni, a flexible, multi-cloud analytics solution that lets you cost-effectively access and securely analyze data across Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure (coming soon), without leaving the familiar BigQuery user interface (UI)
  • An anomaly detection solution that uses streaming analytics and AI
  • Data QnA, a natural language interface for BigQuery that helps enable business users to get answers to their analytical queries through natural language questions, without burdening BI teams

Upcoming #SADASays Post-Session Recaps: Week 6

On Tuesday, August 18th, Next OnAir will be focused on Data Management & Databases. Tune in to learn more about migrating and managing enterprise data with security, reliability, high availability, and fully managed data services. Also, be sure to check out SADA’s Next OnAir post-session recaps on Thursdays. Here’s what’s coming up on August 20th:

#SADASays With Kyle Moschetto and Chris Svee – Post-Keynote Commentary

Join SADA’s Kyle Moschetto, Managing Director, Solution Architecture, and Chris Svee, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, as he discusses the Week 6 Next OnAir Keynote: What’s New with Database Management.

#SADASays With Kyle Moschetto, Chris Svee, and Ankit Mukhija – Post-Session Commentary

Listen in as SADA’s Kyle Moschetto, Managing Director, Solution Architecture, Chris Svee, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Ankit Mukhija, Data Engineer, discuss Bare Metal Solution: Bring All Your Enterprise Workloads to GCP from Week 6 of Next OnAir.

#SADASays With Narine Galstian & Orkideh Shahidi – Post-Session Commentary

Listen in as SADA’s Narine Galstian, CMO and Orkideh Shahidi, VP, People Operations, discuss Empowering Inclusion with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) from Week 6 of Next OnAir.

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