Google Drive Unlocked: Our Top 5 Google Drive Tips

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


As 2013 draws to a close and 2014 is right around the corner, we all have resolutions to ring in the new year: here we’ll list a few of our favorite ways to leverage Google Drive (for all our Google Apps users), so that you can work even more efficiently (right?) than you did last year.

  1. Search by user
    As much as we love the ability to collaborate on one living version of one Google Doc, they can quickly accumulate. I know I personally have a gigantic library of Google Docs, and it can sometimes be difficult to sift through various folders or even by name if I’m in a rush to find something. Google Drive added the ability to search by the name of the person (or people) you were working with, so if you had a unique project team (and a not-so-unique project name), you can find the Doc you had in mind far more easily than before.

  2. Search through Google Docs and Gmail
    Ideal for you multitaskers out there, you can use your Gmail search box to also search for Google Docs – just enable the Lab that reads “Apps Search”, to pull up relevant search items from both your inbox and your Drive.

  3. In-document chat
    Need to talk through any outstanding item in a Google Doc? See that the person you’re collaborating with happens to be in that Doc? Go ahead and open up a chat that appears to the right of the Doc, and stays with the Doc as you work on it.

  4. Integrated social sharing
    Want to share your work with the world? Or even a few select circles? Google Drive has built in Google+ sharing – simply click “Share” to see options to share the Doc with your Circles.

  5. Integrated research pane
    One of my favorite recent features of Google Drive, simply go to “Tools” then “Research” – the integrated research option allows you to easily source content and cite it, directly in the Doc itself (even drag and drop in images!).


These are just a few ways you can modify your use of Google Drive – are there any we missed? Let us know! Check out even more Google Drive tips here.


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