New Gmail Updates Make Your Business More Secure and Smarter

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

With security and employee efficiency both top-of-mind concerns for companies, Google has just announced new releases and updates to G Suite. Keeping customers up-to-date on new changes, and how users can fully leverage them to boost productivity, are important to both SADA Systems and Google.

See how these new upgrades will increase security and lead to smarter workflows. Here is a quick rundown:

Stronger inbox security with the new confidential mode

Gmail recently introduced phishing protections that block 99.9% of potential threats, but Google’s commitment doesn’t end there. Through a new approach called Confidential Mode, users can select a time at which an email would expire. Emails can also be unsent.

Built-in Information Rights Management (IRM) enable users to prevent recipients from forwarding, copying, downloading, or printing messages. Being able to control the use and lifespan of an email gives Gmail users more control over the long-term security of vital company information.

Text authentication is another new feature. A Gmail user can send an email to an account that has been hacked, but the recipient will have to “unlock” their account via a requested action sent to their phone.
Gmail has also redesigned its security warnings interface; they’re now bigger and bolder, easier to understand and provide more definitive calls-to-action for employees. This helps your workforce make more informed decisions about opening emails and file attachments or even clicking on links.

Email smarter and more efficiently with new AI features

The upgraded platform also includes a feature called Nudging, where Gmail will proactively remind you about emails that users haven’t responded to. Users can also tag emails; these two options are part of Google’s further commitment to product integration and project management.
You can even snooze an email that you want to address later and have it pop up back at the top of your inbox at a later time.

Another new feature is that users now have quick access to Tasks, Keep, and Calendar within Gmail on the right-hand side of their screen at any time, all without needing to open them in a new window. This allows customers to manage communication and collaboration in one window and keeps things streamlined.

Smart Reply, a new feature recently added to the mobile experience, is now available on the web version of Gmail. Smart Reply provides users with response choices based on the content of the email. If a sender is asking to meet at a specific day and time about a project, the Smart Reply feature adds auto-reply buttons at the bottom of the email, which might include responses like “That works for me.” or “Let’s do Monday.”

Added to the mobile experience are features that let you prioritize or automatically unsubscribe from emails.

Better manager and prioritize your day through a smarter inbox

The upgraded Gmail experience allows users to preview the contents and attachments of emails without having to open them. This greatly reduces the chance of getting a virus, falling prey to a phishing scam, or malware attacks.

Gmail is also introducing a new side panel in the right navigation area; this panel is fully integrated with calendar, tasks, notes, contacts, and other G Suite apps. This helps users more quickly and efficiently manage their time, as they no longer have to open these apps in a separate tab to complete their projects.
Can’t get a good signal? Not a problem. Gmail has increased the number of tasks you can perform offline. Users can search, delete, write, respond, and even archive up to 90 days of emails, all without Wi-Fi. This features is being rolled out in the coming weeks.

Gmail has also revamped Tasks to help users better manage their projects. A key feature is the ability to create multiple folders for task lists. Users are also able to create a task out of an email and set up a follow-up date to stay organized.

The upgraded Gmail platform has new solutions that enable users to work faster, be more efficient, and perform more confidently due to advanced security features. Users don’t even require constant connectivity to still be productive and complete tasks.

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