3 G Suite Tools That Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


Between travel costs and the ink/toner needed for printers, businesses leave quite the carbon footprint. And with that environmental impact come tangible costs that chip away at the bottom line. Executives and administrators alike must ask themselves: how can we operate without causing ecological damage or shrinking revenue?

Check out how G Suite’s apps help you reduce your carbon footprint and protect your bottom line:

Cuts down travel costs:

A new report found that there are about 445 million domestic business trips annually, with each one costing companies an average of $949 per traveler (flights, hotels, food, etc.). Google Hangout’s real-time chat and video conferencing solutions enable the same face-to-face interactions that travel brings, but without anyone having to book a plane ticket or rent a car. Further, these tools integrate with Calendar, saving additional time. While companies save money in travel costs, planet earth benefits due to a reduction in CO2 and burning fuel emissions.

Reduce paper and printouts

HR departments are paperwork heavy, while no one gets into school or a hospital without filling out an information sheet. The monthly costs of printouts, paper, ink/toner, and even equipment quickly gets into hundreds of dollars per month, even for small businesses. G Suite can eliminate much of that. Forms helps you create and deliver customizable, electronic sign-in forms; staff can also write digital notes on them. While a natural fit for healthcare offices, one school in California is using them as quizzes (which are graded automatically, saving the teachers extra time). HR teams can use them for interviews, and real estate agents can use them to sign-in during open houses. Forms can be used in any industry, with companies never having to worry about customers’ bad penmanship, lost or damaged sign-in sheets, or whether they brought enough copies.

Make live edits on documents

Employees are involved in about 115 email threads per day – imagine how difficult it is, and how much time is spent, looking for a specific file attachment. And once they find that attachment, there is a good chance it’s not the most recent version of that file, or another colleague has already begun making edits, which means the time you’ll have spent will be wasted. On the G Suite platform, Docs, Slides, and Sheets are files that can be created by anyone and accessed via link, rather than an attachment. Users can edit files on their own time and make suggestions, all without ever having to print anything out or waste time searching through threads. Further, when edits are made, anyone who that file is shared with gets an email showing the changes, along with a link to access the file.

It takes a lot of resources for companies to stay afloat, but G Suite helps businesses of all sizes and in all industries eliminate overhead costs while reducing their carbon footprint. Many of G Suite’s applications (all of which can be accessed via mobile devices) dramatically cut down paper, electrical, and travel costs, which can save companies millions.Learn more about how rolling out G Suite to your organization can strengthen workflows, eliminate productivity gaps, and save time and money!


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