The Top 3 Ways G Suite Empowers Deskless Workers

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

“Deskless workers” are 80% of the workforce and they come in many forms: freelancers, remote staff, and even those whose roles don’t require a desk. Many of these are IT experts, drivers, care workers, and more. While these employees are a critical part of their company’s success, they sometimes risk being shunned and left out because they’re often away from their team. So what’s the solution?

Check out how G Suite and its full complement of mobile apps facilitate a more engaged and productive deskless workforce:

24/7 Accessibility

Every one of G Suite’s products – from Gmail and Hangouts to Drive and Docs – are available on a mobile app. This means that whether your employees use tablets or smartphones, they’ll still have full access to everything they need. What about when workers have limited or no connectivity? They can still access many of the apps’ features while offline, and records will be updated back when they have a signal. With G Suite apps, productivity never stops.

Familiar Interface

Many workers are already familiar with G Suite’s desktop experience, so there won’t be much training or onboarding needed when transitioning to mobile apps. They’ll already know how to navigate Gmail, collaborate on Docs, Slides, or Sheets, and log facetime on Hangouts. Engaged employees are 43% more productive, so boost that number buy providing your deskless workers with an interface they’re already used to using.

Any Device, Any Time, Anywhere

G Suite is accessible on any device, any time of day, and from any location. As long as your deskless staff have an internet connection – though many features can be accessed offline – they can still feel as if they’re in the office, part of a team, and ready to be productive. Files stored in Drive will always be the most current version, and the various collaboration-focused apps cut down on travel costs and lost time, helping companies of all sizes use their budget and resources more efficiently.
With so many people in the workforce never seeing the inside of an office or even chained to a desk, keeping them feeling engaged and part of the team is a bigger challenge than ever. G Suite, and its corresponding suite of mobile apps, ensure that deskless workers stay engaged and productive, no matter where they are or how they work.

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