How G Suite Fosters Innovation and Productivity at Tech Companies

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Tech companies are known for their fun office cultures and love of quirky perks, but that doesn’t mean their employees aren’t productive. Innovation for tech companies is 100% vital to their success; if they take their eyes off the ball (or line of code), they can quickly lose momentum. So what options do organizations have to ensure that all teams stay focused on innovation and that The Next Big Idea will always be just around the corner?

Discover how G Suite helps tech companies facilitate a more innovative workforce through:

1. Knocking down geographic barriers to boost collaboration

Time zone differences and workers on-the-go add up to one thing: communication challenges are sure to slow down the pace of business. G Suite, however, offers an unprecedented level of innovation for tech companies that can help their global workforce stay connected and able to collaborate with each other, no matter the barriers.

Hangouts enables users to engage in real-time video chatting, as well as text-based messaging. Further driving collaboration is Jamboard, a special Google-enabled screen that enables users from any location to share and record their ideas. Confused? Don’t be; it’s very simple. If a user in the New York office writes something on the Jamboard screen, then Jamboard users in company’s Frankfurt location will see what is being written, all in a real-time. It also enables users to add sticky notes to Jams, effectively reducing reliance on email, which can also be difficult when multiple files and versions are being sent back and forth.

G Suite also means productivity isn’t tied to desktops or facetime in the office. All of G Suite’s apps – Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. – are app-based, meaning workers can contribute no matter where they are, and no matter if they can make every meeting. G Suite files are saved automatically, so users are always guaranteed to be using the most current version of every document.
Over 3 million companies rely on G Suite’s productivity tools, so perhaps adopting it will be a way to stay competitive in the quickly changing tech landscape.

2. Capturing the entirety of innovation for tech companies

Once users have fully developed their ideas, storage, protection, and data security are now big concerns. Drive is a cloud storage tool that can house nearly every type of file format, including the majority used every day in business. Further streamlining workflows and creativity, all files in Drive are the most current versions, so when one worker makes an edit, the change will be saved immediately. There is no emailing files back and forth or worrying whether the emailed version is the most current. Further, users can store versions offline for when they have to work but don’t have an internet connection.

Vault takes Drive to the next level. When files are completed, they can be transferred to Vault for added security and protection. This app is also searchable, meaning employees can quickly find whatever they’re looking for. Vault is a vital offering for onboarding, training, best practices, etc. Whatever critical information companies need to store for future use, Vault offers unprecedented ease of use and safety features. Cyber attacks drain over $1 million on average from companies’ bottom lines, far too big a cost for enterprise and start ups alike.

3. Empowering mobile strategy

The capabilities of G Suite are perhaps its best features; all desktop tools are also available as mobile applications. This means that no matter where employees choose to work – remotely, in other offices, or even while on vacation – Admin ensures that stakeholders will have the power to protect their company’s digital infrastructure and mobile strategy.

G Suite ensures that workers have full productivity and complete access to company documents when away from the office, all without having to download risky 3rd party apps or add-ons that may contain malware. Further, IT experts can manage all permission settings for all employees to ensure that protected data can only be viewed or edited by approved stakeholders. With the mobile-friendly and security functionality of G Suite, innovation for tech companies is now a 24/7 commitment, not something that only occurs during regular business hours.

Company rosters and projects are always changing, but innovation will always be the key to survival. G Suite’s desktop and mobile applications ensure that employees will have the tools to better communicate, collaborate, and share their newfound knowledge throughout the company landscape.

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