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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


We’re excited to announce a new Google Maps for Business update with Google Maps Engine Pro! In line with other Google Maps for Business solutions aimed at helping businesses and organizations visualize data in more insightful, tangible ways, Google Maps Engine Pro allows organizations to import data on a spreadsheet or database into a map and easily share it out with stakeholders.

Google Maps Engine Pro is part of an exciting new movement from the Google team, similar to shared Google Docs and Sheets, to have maps act as a new document type for organization-wide collaboration. Organizations can import data like addresses and price regions to get a visual representation to see where operations might be strongest, and where there might be gaps. With Google Maps Engine Pro, organizations can plot out spots for expansion or target locations that have been historically successful, just by looking at their data on a map.

To learn more about Google Maps for Business, visit our website or send us a note to ask us about our services with Google Maps Engine.

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