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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

It seems like the cloud is growing at the edge of the horizon – one of Spain’s largest banks, BBVA, recently announced that their 110,000 staff members are going Google, a landmark adoption of the cloud by the banking industry. For having some of the most rigorous risk and security standards, banking was always considered to be one of the last industries to give way to the cloud. And although BBVA stresses that all of their clients’ data will remain in internal data centers, separate of the cloud, the communication and collaboration benefits of the Google Apps suite will be used to “achieve cultural change,” as stated by Carmen Herranz, BBVA’s Director of Innovation, to the BBC News.

The implications of this are huge, in a world that relies heavily on collaborative mobile communication for an increasingly mobile workforce. The cloud has evolved into a tool that is inextricably linked with how business operations function today, in both the technical and social sense. As increasingly effective, productive cloud solutions increase their presence, Productivity is tantamount, a prioritization that can take precedence even over cutting costs. Herranz stated to the BBC, “The main goal is to promote innovation and making decisions and increase productivity. We are in a challenging market and need to make faster and more accurate decisions… and eliminate duplication.”

With remote employees and internal employees scattered across 26 countries and the use of mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, BBVA required an IT solution that would allow workers reliable access to information, regardless of geographical location. It’s a situation faced by many organizations from a variety of industries today – and it seems that with banking’s first move to the cloud, other organizations will soon follow.


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