Google Search Transitioning to the Cloud – What Does This Mean for GSA Customers?

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google Search for Work logoRecently Google announced plans to wind down sales of the hardware-based Google Search Appliance (GSA) effective March 21, 2016 with roadmap to innovate Google enterprise search to provide a cloud-based solution. What does this mean for current GSA customers? Rest assured, this change will not have any immediate impact on your use of the GSA. While no new features will be developed for the GSA, Google will continue to maintain the product through critical bug fixes and security updates. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner with over 1800 enterprise projects completed, SADA Systems is your trusted partner for consultation and project management of your transition.  With a strong team of certified experts, SADA has the deep expertise to help in the transition over the next couple of years, identifying what this means for your business today, and what it will mean tomorrow.

In practical terms, this change means that if you are a current GSA customer, your GSA environment will continue to be supported, both by Google and SADA, until the end of your term continuing to drive value for your business with the power of Google search.  Furthermore, this year, we will continue to offer 1-2 year agreements as well as support the GSA for renewals over the next two years. Through 2017,  we will continue to offer 1-year renewals but no new hardware sales will be offered. In 2018, no further renewals or new units of GSA will be offered.

What’s in store for the future of your business?

What we do know is that the future of Google Search for Work will be bigger, better, and in the cloud.  The Search product will be assistive in nature, and powered by machine intelligence.   When Google releases the next evolution of Google Search for Work, SADA will be the most qualified and experienced Premier Partner to help you explore the possibility to transition to the new product.
In the meantime, here’s how SADA Systems can help:

  • Support Services
      • User interface optimization
      • Content integrations
        • SADA will make sure that no matter where your data lives, it is accessible from your enterprise search product.
      • Content classification services
        • SADA’s team will help you build entity recognition patterns to facilitate the auto-extraction of normalized metadata from your existing content sources.
  • Knowledge Management – Get the most of your GSA now
      • Analysis & Search Platform Evaluation
        • SADA’s team of experts offers comprehensive requirements analysis services to understand the unique information access challenges of your business and provides custom search platform product evaluations to identify the best solution meet your needs.
      • Content Audit and Content Optimization Consulting
        • Our experienced Information Professionals will assess your information systems, content and use patterns to identify business and operational needs. Deliver recommendations for effective metadata strategies to employ in your enterprise search solution.
  • Consultation Services – GSA and beyond
    • SADA’s team of consultants not only have the technical expertise to advise you on your current technologies but also understand business and operational needs to advise on your growth initiatives, address every-day business challenges, and provide recommendations to achieve your overall business goals with more streamlined technologies and customized services.

To learn more about SADA’s support services for your GSA and address your cloud transformation needs, connect with SADA Systems team today.  Engage with SADA Systems early to get notifications as details of Google’s new release are shared with premier partners like SADA Systems.

Have questions or need consultation? Email [email protected] or contact us at 818-927-3660.
Written by: John Lancaster, Practice Director | Google Enterprise Search | SADA Systems


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