Google Translation API: Reaching the Global Audience for Media & Entertainment

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By Simon Margolis | Associate CTO, AI & ML

Translate APIGoogle continues to find ways for people to discover and consume information. It’s now making a full-fledged effort to provide media and entertainment companies with translation and customization tools that will enable them to use the Google Cloud Translation API (part of the Google Cloud Platform – GCP) to leverage existing digital channels into new markets and acquire new audiences across the globe. As with everything Google does, this new direction will certainly create major growth opportunities for content-driven companies.

Reaching the Global Audience in an Instant

The Google Translation API can be used for within any industry, and it will likely become a powerful weapon for any organization that wants to deliver either internal or customer-facing content to global audiences. It can dynamically translate text between language pairs so that digital content can automatically be created in multiple languages and across different contexts.
But Google has made it clear that media and entertainment is a market they are aggressively pursuing. Their rapid acquisition of new customers among major brands is a testament to the ease of use, its commitment to customer-focused enterprise solutions, and accuracy reaching audiences with content in multiple languages.

Google is using their expertise in language, discovery, and digital distribution to quickly become a juggernaut for content-rich companies. The Google Translation API is especially critical for this strategy, as it provides a way to add a multiplicative element to repurposing content in a way that is not resource-intensive, is scalable, and can be automated.

SADA Systems and Google Translation API

SADA works with customers to integrate different elements of content automation and production, and we’re seeing how rapid translation is radically changing how these companies stay competitive. Be on the lookout for a deeper dive into the Translation API and how it can be used as part of a GCP strategy that transforms digital businesses.

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