Google’s App Engine is evolving – here is what it means to you

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google seems to have killed its App Engine for Business, a Platform as a Service offering which partnered with VMware around the Spring Java Framework. There were many changes being made to the App Engine for Business with Backends and Task Queues for increased support and to easily share APIs for more open development platform. Google also announced that the Engine would be taken off preview for the second half of 2011.

Many of the features of App Engine for Business will be integrated into the proper version as part of Google Enterprise portfolio. Some of the major areas of work included SQL support, SSL encryption and full-text search. These were some of the top priorities for the App Engine for Business offering. They are also the top priority for Google overall and that once the product was ready; it will lose its “preview” status. SQL support is particularly important because of its appeal to enterprise developers. The process will take time because the platform was not designed with SQL in mind.

Another major addition is the support for Spring for developing Java applications. Google is working actively with VMware to put in place the next steps to advance their cloud computing partnership. Other features of the new App Engine will be a 99.95% SLA additional support options. Python support and some new API improvements are in the works too.
With so many changes being introduced, it can get difficult for enterprise development. SADA Systems is one of Google’s top partners and can provide full integration to the new and improved Google App Engine for Business!


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