Google’s Best Low-Profile Apps.

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

With so many new features, products, and updates from Google it’s easy to forget about all the great features Google and Google app makers already have to offer. Many times we are so star-struck with Google’s big-name apps that we overlook some of the best applications companies or even Google itself provides us with. In honor of all of Google’s less talked about apps SADA presents you with: Google’s Best Low-Profile Apps.


Hellofax (from is a online fax machine app that when tightly integrated with Google Drive is incredibly convenient and user-friendly. Hello fax is directly linked to your Google Drive and can be found free in the Google App Marketplace. When you need to fax an item- send it from your Drive. Is a fax heading your way? No worries, Hellofax will make sure it gets into your Drive. This means wherever you can get internet you can send or receive faxes. There is no longer a need for a bulky fax machine.

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor (from is a photo editing app similar to Photoshop that can be found free in the Google App Marketplace. While it is slightly less intricate than Photoshop, it is a free, cloud photo editing tool that works fantastically. This feature works even better when you use the cloud to store your photos. Editing photos anytime, anywhere, without worrying about a computer problem that could put your work in jeopardy? Count me in.

Google Schemer

Google Schemer (produced by Google, can be found in the Apple App Store or online at for free) can always give you something to do. Simply type in where you live and you are presented with a myriad of activities for your night on town. Whether you are a rock-and-roll loving 28 year old visiting the big city or a 68 year old in a small town who wants a calm evening out, you will be entertained with this site.

Google Bookmarks

Google bookmarks (produced by Google) is an amazing tool when researching on the internet. With tons of articles out there, this handy read-later-list tucked away in your toolbar will keep your important articles organized and just a click away.
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