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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Get a new secretary? Get married? Get divorced? Company change its policy or brand? Regardless you need to change your email! User Renamer allows Google Apps admins to quickly and easily change usernames/names of Google Apps users.
The process for changing your email in the past has been compared to changing your name on a legal document such as your birth certificate or passport with regards to difficulty.

Our view is your email should not be that hard. Hence we built the User Renamer for Google Apps. User Renamer is a simple and intuitive tool enabling Google Apps Admins to rename users quickly.
Prior to our tool the process was length and cumbersome: backup Google Docs, export calendar items, export contacts, download email messages, create new account, import Google Docs, import calendar items, import contacts, re-download email messages and finally delete old account.

Now it’s more like changing the name on your restaurant reservation except you don’t even need to call the restaurant, just download the User Renamer for Google Apps and enter your old username, enter your new usename, done. Google Apps even keeps your old username as a nickname, so you will continue receiving messages sent to your old email address.

User Renamer for Google Apps is easy to install, comes with built in scalability, performance, and the reliability and security of Google’s infrastructure. The app is fully functional with single sign-on (SSO) and is centrally administered from the Google Apps control panel. During the renaming process, the old username is retained as a nickname, allowing all correspondences sent to the old name to be received by the new username. Furthermore username, login and email addresses are automatically synced with the changes made through User Renamer for Google Apps. The seamless integration of this app into Google’s universal navigation links further enhances the ability of users and admins to better handle the unpredictable situations that require a username switch including accidental typos in email setup, marriage and changes in company policy regarding uniformity of email addresses.
To purchase and use the User Renamer Tool for Google Apps visit the Marketplace or SADA‘s very own Cloud Tool Kit.


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