Happy Halloween from the SADA Team!

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Happy Friday! How was your Halloween? Here at SADA, we celebrated the spookiest time of the year with a little friendly competition, holding a team pumpkin carving contest and an organization-wide costume contest (paired with a lot of candy)! We have a few pictures of our teams in action below:

Which team’s pumpkin takes your vote?

“The 2 Pumpkineers” delivers classic with a twist!

Got Android? “The Hackers”
Kris’ family pitches in from Chicago with their pumpkin!
Always need that company representation!
We do! Some fancy carving skills from the “Techies”

“The Halloweenies” add props and paint…

And we close out with a creative cutout from the “Pumpkin Spice CLAWttes”!

Happy Halloween from the SADA team! Are you looking for a place to grow your career? Check out our open positions on our website. SADA is constantly growing and looking for the best talent out there – we’d love to meet you.

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