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Over the past few months, Google Maps for Business solutions have received several updates, including the introduction of Google Maps Engine Pro, increased capabilities, and updated Google Street Views. Google Maps itself is one of the most widely used interfaces in the world, with over 54% of users utilizing the mobile application in summer of 2013 alone. But beyond the business listings we’re used to seeing from doing a quick Google search, how can businesses actually leverage using customized maps?

  1. Increase exposure
    First, there’s the obvious, and that’s what the numbers mean: with literally billions of active Google Maps and Earth users, your business gains the benefit of increased exposure through using one of the most familiar (cue: easily navigable) interfaces in the world. Current and potential customers can easily find your office(s), with millions of active websites powered by Google Maps API, and easy social integration with business Google+ pages (which also contain not only a map, but information specific to your business, like hours, services and customer reviews).

  2. Relay information quickly and easily to your intended audience
    Organization can use Google Maps Engine  to powerfully and quickly share visual information, when you need to: from crisis and emergency management notifications to the general public, to locations and services for clients.

  3. Visualize business data to improve business decision-making
    Imagine getting the data from your various stores or offices – your customer’s addresses, phone numbers, names, locations, and price –  and instead of seeing this information laid out on a spreadsheet, you’re able to visualize it on a map. All of a sudden, you can see in aggregate whether your business happens to be flourishing in a region (and needs additional resources and support sent that way), or where you might be failing. Maps can help us assess where there could be all this great potential for new business, and can also help us see where we may have business gaps we need to address.

  4. Improve tracking of your mobile workers and/or assets
    As organizations of all types and sizes increasingly adopt mobile strategies, and with the use of mobile devices only increasing in the workplace across industries ranging from retail to real estate, maps can provide critical asset management with real-time tracking visibility. Google Maps Coordinate can help improve work-scheduling, team communication and tracking,  while helping to build a rich database of job details from your worker’s job and location history (so you retain documentation of lessons learned from former experiences).

  5. Manage large amounts of business data
    Google Maps Engine acts as a cloud storage platform for your enterprise geospatial data: easily share and manage maps internally, or with your customers. Google Maps Engine provides a highly robust and scalable platform for serving critical map based information to key decision-makers or millions of potential customers. You can provide store/office information and direction for all of your locations, update that information within minutes, and share it out with whoever you need to with ease.

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