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As recently announced on the Google Enterprise Blog, Google Compute Engine is now Generally Available, in a big step forward for Google Cloud Platform. After a phase of testing, Google Compute Engine is now open to the public, providing powerful, reliant virtual machines that scale on demand with 24/7 support and a 99.95% monthly SLA for business critical workloads, ideal for enterprise organizations with mission critical operations running in the cloud.

Google Compute Engine also includes several new features, including:

  • Increased operating system support
    Compute Engine now includes the ability to run any out-of-the-box Linux distribution, or any kernel or software.

  • Transparent maintenance, live migrations and automatic restart services
    Compute Engine introduces transparent maintenance, combining Google’s standard of software and data center innovation with live migration technology. Compute Engine users gain the benefits of proactive maintenance while all their virtual machines keep running! In the case that Compute Engine ever experiences a failure, Google will automatically restart the VMS to get them back online in a matter of minutes.

  • New 16-core instances
    Google launches 3 new instance types with up to 16 cores and 104 gigabytes of RAM.

  • Faster & cheaper Persistent Disks + 10% lower prices for Standard Instances
    Compute Engine’s Persistent Disk service lowers by 60% per Gigabyte with lower I/O charges to better predict pricing for block storage devices – in addition, the most popular Compute Engine instances get a price reduction of 10% for all regions!

These changes to Google Compute Engine are designed to help enterprises and their developers gain the maximum performance for critical business processes.

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