How to choose the right Google Apps Deployment Partner

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

When your organization is considering a migration to Google Apps, perhaps the most important consideration is the choice you make for your deployment partner. Deployment partners are a critical component of any successful Google Apps implementation for mid-sized and large organizations because of the size, scope, and complexity of the project. A good deployment partner helps customers conceptualize and visualize the solution up front so they know exactly what their organization should expect throughout the process. They consult with all the stakeholders in the organization to understand the most important issues from multiple points of view. They advise clients on best practices, and help them make complex decisions that can affect the project’s outcome. They implement the entire project which involves managing client resources, communicating progress, integrating and customizing applications, and training users to get the most out of a Google Apps deployment.

So what criteria should you use in choosing the best deployment for your Google Apps implementation?
Here’s a checklist of questions that you should get answers to before you make this critical decision.

1. How long has the deployment partner been implementing Google Apps?
Experience matters, especially for technology projects that impact nearly every employee in the organization. Make sure you select a deployment partner, like SADA, that has been delivering Google Apps solutions for a long time. SADA has been implementing Google Apps solutions from the very start. In fact, SADA was one of Google’s first partners for Google Apps, going all the way back to 2006.
2. How many mid-sized to large projects has the solutions partner delivered?
Experience comes not only from the amount of time spent doing something, but also from the number of times doing it. SADA has implemented over 350 Google Apps solutions for mid-sized to large customers, arguably more than any other deployment partner in Google’s orbit.
3. Can the deployment partner scale to meet the need of large organizations?
SADA helped Google implement some of the largest Google Apps projects to date. SADA has implemented Google Apps for over 2 million users.
4. Does the deployment partner have a lot of referenceable customers and published case studies?

No Google Apps partner has more referenceable customers than SADA, which can produce a list of great customer references based on organization size, industry, and geography. SADA also has a litany of customer success stories and case studies that discuss the specific challenges addressed. To read the details, go to Google Apps Marketplace Customer Success Stories.


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