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This blog is a recap of a webinar guided by SADA Systems’ Brian Webb, Google Maps Business Development Manager, and James Price, Geo Solutions Architect: “Increase Mobile Workforce Efficiency and Improve Customer Service with Google Maps for Work.”


Google Maps for Work
Google Maps Mobile Workforce
is an enterprise level application that builds upon the Google Maps API in order for businesses to combine and collectively visualize layers of data. Organizations can clearly layer any third party data, imagery, and assets on the Google Maps API to not only display critical business information, but to interact with it.

This powerful tool allows businesses, especially those managing a mobile workforce, to make more strategic business decisions, optimize assets, and engage their users. The possibilities are truly endless.

DHL, for example, uses it for team asset tracking, resulting in significantly faster delivery and higher customer satisfaction.

Also, Audi has integrated Google Maps street view into their navigation systems for the familiarity and ease-of-use it provides for their drivers.

Work the Way You Live

Since over 41% of people on the internet are already using Google Maps, that widespread familiarity makes it easy to integrate and use Google Maps for Work in a professional setting.

Watch the demo to explore how Google Maps for Work revolutionizes business operation and mobility. The video includes a comprehensive overview of how Google Maps for Work allows businesses to manage their mobile workforce. See a demo of the overall workflow, including how SADA Systems can build customized geo solutions to assign jobs geographically, view the location and status of their team members, navigate the most efficient route, adjust schedules or job status in real time, and more with Google Maps for Work.


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