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This blog is a recap of a webinar guided by Google Sales Engineer Charles Baer and SADA Systems’ Director of Strategic Initiatives Derek Lin, “Innovation in Technology with Google Cloud.”

What’s new and exciting at Google?

Google Apps Collaboration Innovation

Google has been hard at work coming out with many new and innovative products and services, boasting an astonishing 180 new features and product releases in 2014.

Inbox, which recently came out, was designed to focus on user experience as a fresh start that goes beyond simple email to help users go back to what really matters.

Google Apps has also enjoyed several improvements, especially in the realms of mobile, collaboration, and auditing. Aside from giving all of Google’s mobile apps a facelift, Google has also transformed collaboration with updates improving the powerful, fluid user experience in Google Apps, and bolstered auditing and reporting tools to provide new insights into aggregate and detailed reporting. Google has also integrated additional layers of security into Google Apps without adding more steps for the user.

What are some of the new capabilities of Google Drive for Work that really resonate with Google Apps customers?

Google has focused their efforts on building features in Google Drive for Work that benefit business users, end users, and the IT team. Enterprises are leveraging the mobile power of Google Drive, including the ability to work on any device, in order to free the user to be productive and allow them to access the content they need wherever they are. Google Drive for Work’s unlimited storage keeps organizations from being constrained by infrastructure limitations, giving them the flexibility to grow easily and cost-effectively.

For admins, Drive for Work also has sophisticated auditing capabilities to provide maximum visibility, and for the legal team, Drive for Work allows users to search, view, and export any data for compliance purposes, with built-in security and encryption to keep data safe.

Watch the video for more details on Google’s latest innovations as well as additional security improvements, details around unlimited storage, and examples of companies that are enjoying increased mobility and productivity with Google Drive for Work through the ability to collaborate and access their documents from anywhere and on any device.

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