Introducing POWERON Cloud Native Access Control

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Continually validating every point of digital interaction is the essence of zero trust security, a modality that more organizations are embracing, especially as workforces go global. SADA, known for a track record of successfully implementing security solutions, was recently announced as the delivery partner for BeyondCorp Enterprise (BCE) and new offerings through Google Cloud.

To show the way to zero trust security, we’re proud to introduce POWERON Cloud Native Access Control. With this new addition to our POWER line of service products, your business can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a robust zero trust strategy in as little as four weeks. 

POWERON Cloud Native Access Control starts with a thorough review of your current security posture, conducted by SADA security experts who are versed in industry best practices and have seen all the worst case scenarios. Once your zero trust strategy is deployed, your dedicated team will lead comprehensive user acceptance training. You’ll get a thorough, detailed briefing on your new zero trust solution, with Terraform templates, architectural diagrams, and virtual private cloud (VPC) policy trust boundaries with access levels for organization, folder, or project.

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