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Today’s guest blogger is Linus Rinke, a Certified Trainer and Training Specialist at SADA Systems. 

It all started a few months ago, after a company-wide All-Hands annual meeting, which provided the exciting opportunity to gather all our employees (both remote and local) into our headquarters in North Hollywood, California. We’re part of a fast moving, cloud computing and IT industry with employees located across the nation. Although we have continuous virtual meetings and chats,  it’s rare that we get everyone in the same (non-virtual) room!

Seeing all our team members gathered sparked the following key questions:

What are we driven by?

What prompts us to deliver our best to our clients, partners and colleagues on a daily basis?

Who are we when we’re at our best?

We polled our entire organization, from our executive management team, to our project managers and engineers – and we discovered the common themes that internally compel us to deliver our best externally, to our partners and our clients.

Announcing SADA’s 5 Core Values:

  1. Make Them Rave

  2. Be Data Driven

  3. Be One Step Ahead

  4. Be A Change Agent

  5. Do The Right Thing

Every department at SADA discussed these values over a series of 5 weeks – and we rounded out each of these weeks with a series of activities, discussions and giveaways that brought to life what these core values really mean to us. These values will drive the corporate culture at SADA and become the foundation of our continuous growth.

SADA Systems core valuesToday, we’ll cover our first core value: Make Them Rave! We create raving fans – including customers, co-workers, vendors and partners – who are inspired to tell the world about our extraordinary service. We’re a services company, which means we’ll go above and beyond in order to make sure everyone from our clients to our partners has their vision of success fulfilled.  That means we constantly learn from our experiences, plan in accordance and set expectations, and improve communication and service with each consecutive deployment, meeting, or training session.

Our first week’s activity required great communication and attention to detail as we all broke out in teams and worked to recreate an abstract picture through the instructions of another team member. Though arguably not the easiest task to complete, it was an excellent example of the skills required to really “Make Them Rave” – listening, communicating, and delivering on expectations –  and the importance of these skills from our first interaction, to our last.

We’ll continue to cover each of our core values in detail every Friday for the next 4 weeks, so stay tuned!

If you’re looking to grow your career, check out our open positions on our website. SADA is constantly growing and looking for the best talent out there – we’d love to meet you.

Share your corporate values with us! What makes you RAVE about a company?


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