Introducing the Audit Tool for Google Apps — the better solution to keeping an eye on your domain environment.

SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Here at SADA, we SADAians pride ourselves on developing great tools for our Google Apps clients. Sometimes, we stumble upon something so great, we just can’t keep it to ourselves.

Thus, the Audit Tool for Google Apps was born. Developed initially for schools to keep an eye on any inappropriate resources that were being created by students, the Audit Tool for Google Apps is a powerful and easy-to-use centralized admin tool that allows any organization to gain visibility into the Google Apps resources (such as Docs and Sites) on their domain.

Simply put, this tool helps you better manage what is going on in your domain. The Audit Tool for Google Apps is an administration console to help monitor your Google Apps environment so you can see what resources your users own (public and private), what resources your users have shared outside your domain and generally monitor your Google Apps domain environment. Keep track of:

  • Inappropriate material being generated on your domain
  • Which users are creating inappropriate material on your domain
  • NDA information that is being shared outside of your domain
  • And more!

Try the tool now, FREE for 30 days, from the Google Apps Marketplace. Get it while it’s hot!


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