14-Year-Old Lamborghini Driver Wins NASA Pro Racing With Data and SADA Systems

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The youngest podium finisher in the history of the NASA Western States Championships and the youngest champion in the NASA SoCal Region, Steven Aghakhani, wins with speed and data. 

While Steven Aghakhani has never driven on city streets, he’s made history in not one but two races in October, with podium finish in the NASA Western States Championships where the young driver finished third-place and second-place finishes securing the NASA SoCal Super Unlimited class championship for the 14-year-old. Most impressively, these major accomplishments came in his rookie season Behind the Wheel of His Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo, with title sponsored from SADA Systems.


SADA’s core values are at the foundation of how we go-to-market with our products and services. SPEED is the key to hitting the market early and fast with innovative technologies and solutions.

SADA Systems is helping Steven Racing to envision their future data governance and collaboration both on and off the racetrack. Currently they are researching ways to better use existing telemetry and maintenance data points to slice vital seconds off track time using machine learning.

“We’re proud to sponsor young talent like Steven Aghakhani in his quest to make history. His quest to be number one is very much aligned with SADA’s goals to beat out the competition with innovation and speed” stated Tony Safoian, CEO & President, SADA Systems.


“This was a great first season for us,” stated Aghakhani. “We came; we saw; we conquered. Everything worked out. We hit our marks and I managed to podium at every race. That was what we needed to do in order to finish first in the overall points. I’m ready to do it again next season. A huge thanks to SADA Systems and to my team for all their hard work in giving me a great car and the access to key data to make key decisions. My goal is to keep learning and to prepare for my Lamborghini Super Trofeo debut.”

Aghakhani started racing go-karts when he was 7 after spending time at the race track with his dad. His father, Armik Aghakhani an avid racer and car collector, has been fully supportive of his son’s passion for racing. When Steven was ready to move from go-kart racing to exotics, he began training with Michael Essa (2013 Formula Drift Champion). Steven was named US RaceTronics’ development driver at the age of 13 and has set record speeds for his age. He continues to make his mark on the sport as he becomes the youngest competitor to enter and podium in events across the country.

Solo Lamborghini

With a clear goal in mind of becoming the youngest driver to compete in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America Series, Steven will be rooting for the USRT LBSTNA team as they wrap their season with their final two races on Friday, November 17, 2018 in Imola, Italy along with the World Finals on November 18 – 19, 2017.

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