Love at first byte: The moment healthcare providers knew analytics was worth it

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By Michael Ames | Senior Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Does marijuana lead to broken bones?

What do high readmission rates and discounted rotisserie chicken have in common? 

How are pediatric asthma cases correlated with education and parent income?

You’ll learn the answers to these questions and more in this informative white paper that delves into how healthcare organizations are leveraging analytics in the cloud to improve patient outcomes, reduce deaths, and better understand what’s happening in hectic emergency room situations.

Get a glimpse into how several key stakeholders for various healthcare providers are using analytics to glean more insight into patient issues across local regions and make a positive impact in diagnosis and therapeutics. These providers have made considerable strides in workflow and patient care based on data that could be translated into actionable information unavailable in traditional software. After reading these inspirational stories, you’ll understand how you, too, can find love at the first byte using analytics. 

You’ll also learn about how SADA and Google Cloud help healthcare providers overcome many of the challenges they face, enabling them to:

  • Better understand data
  • Implement a hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Reduce costs
  • Ensure industry-specific compliance
  • Leverage hardened cybersecurity

Download the “Love at first byte” white paper to learn how healthcare organizations are using analytics in the cloud to improve patient outcomes.

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