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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Companies that have embraced the benefits of virtual machines but manage workloads in on-premises systems are faced with a big question: should we migrate to the cloud? The historic, industry-spanning trend of cloud migration would seem to emphatically answer that question in the affirmative.

The next question, then, is how? That’s precisely what SADA’s new POWERSTART VM Migration Assessment service product was designed to address. 

Migrating your virtual machine workloads to Google Cloud streamlines infrastructure management and unlocks the flexibility and scaling benefits of the cloud. But doing it alone without a detailed plan can put stress on your IT team and limit your path to infrastructure modernization. With SADA’s POWERSTART VM Migration Assessment you’ll get expert guidance and a clear path to migrate your specific workloads to Google Cloud, all customized to your unique technical requirements.

In just two weeks, SADA cloud migration experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure and VM environment. You’ll get a detailed executive report, which will include next steps for migrating from your on-prem environment, and recommendations on the Google Cloud VM products that best suit your unique business needs. 

Your customized report will include: 

  • Analysis of a current state of virtual machine workloads
  • Recommended next steps, with cost estimates 
  • Architecture diagrams of your migration solution 

Moving your VMs to Google Cloud is a significant undertaking, but SADA’s expert guidance is on hand to ensure the transition goes smoothly. Contact us to get started with your custom assessment today.


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