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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

When massive amounts of data are at stake, developers have long relied on Hadoop, a collection of open-source software utilities that solve complex computation problems. 

As useful as Hadoop is, running these utilities in an on-premises environment presents certain challenges. For one, organizations can end up paying for a lot more storage than they need, or, conversely, run out of storage when they need it most. Migrating Hadoop workloads to Google Cloud Platform eliminates those headaches.

“Hadoop is still the elephant in the room when dealing with large-scale data processing, and migrating these workloads to the cloud can deliver significant benefits to a wide variety of businesses,” says SADA Associate CTO Brian Suk. 

In addition to reducing operational complexity, migrating your on-premises Hadoop system to Google Cloud Platform can unlock additional analytics and AI opportunities. But going it alone without a step-by-step plan can stress your already taxed IT team. 

That’s why SADA developed POWERSTART Hadoop Migration Assessment. This latest entry into SADA’s line of service offerings establishes a clear path to migrate your specific workloads to Google Cloud, all customized to your unique technical requirements.

In just three weeks, your dedicated SADA team of cloud migration experts will: 

  • Conduct detailed discovery of your current Hadoop cluster topology, workloads, and utilization.
  • Evaluate migration efforts based on your current state, conducted with a combination of automated tooling and human analysis.
  • Provide a detailed, step-by-step report with recommended next steps for migration. 

The entire process will be based on a deep understanding of your unique business goals, with opportunities to engage ongoing SADA support post-migration. You’ll receive detailed architectural maps and a better understanding of the many new opportunities cloud migration represents.

“These migrations, while they can deliver lots of value, can also be complex. The SADA POWER assessment products are designed to reduce risk in these engagements, and the POWERSTART Hadoop Migration Assessment is no exception. Starting your cloud journey with the right assessment is key to maximizing your success,” says Suk.

Get started today and discover the power and possibilities of migrating your Hadoop workloads to Google Cloud.


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